Sport Against Violence and Exclusion – SAVE is an Erasmus+ sport project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, and its fundamental objectives are the following:

Since one of the objectives has been defining skills necessary for predicting, avoiding and preventing violence, exclusion and intolerance, this project’s design requires research on the current condition and needs in order to offer necessary information and data which would be the groundwork for further activities, such as development of Skill Cards.

Therefore, the first project activity includes implementation of desk research and Focus Group Interviews, which will result in Desk Analysis and Needs Assessment.

Specific projects objectives:

With the aim of implementation of the first project activity, Desk Analysis and Needs Assessment, it is necessary to use the following terminology and questionnaire for designing a document entitled Desk Research Report, which will include information from all seven countries received from SAVE Consortium.




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