ESN Split is part of ESN (Erasmus student network). It is a non-profit student volunteer organization.

Our mission is to help international students in Split to integrate into Croatian culture and to help them with language and social life.

Buddy System

As far as we do not want our Erasmus students to feel lost at the beginning of their Erasmus period (and of course also during all this time), all sections of ESN provide a program called “Buddy System”.

The main aim of Buddy System is getting in touch pairs of one Croatian and one exchange student. Buddies are usually recruited from home students either coming home from their Erasmus (if their do not want to lose the Erasmus spirit), or thinking about going to Erasmus (if they want to experience international atmosphere right at their home University and get ready for Erasmus life).

Buddies´ job is usually to pick up “their” exchange students upon arrival to the city, to take them to the dormitory and help them to arrange all the formalities at official places (International Relations Office, Police, Hospital, …).

For sure, being a Buddy does not mean only boring officialities but also a lot of fun, meeting new people, improving language skills and exploring foreign cultures right in your hometown!

Incoming students can apply for their buddies by contacting ESN through e-mail address:

Or, fulfill the Buddy application form (ESN Split) and send it together with the rest of the Erasmus documentation to

Find more information on Facebook and Instagram.

Get in touch

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