About the Faculty

The Faculty of Kinesiology (KIF) is a friendly and down-to-earth higher education and scientific institution that welcomes all suitable for entry applicants to one of its three study programmes: Bachelor’s degree study programme (BA), Master’s degree study programme (MA) and Postgraduate doctoral degree study programme (PhD). Although the Faculty of Kinesiology is one of the smallest units of the University of Split, its international cooperation is very fruitful.

By enrolling an increasing number of partner universities worldwide, we encourage the mobility of students, scholars, teaching and non-teaching staff to participate in the international programmes and projects that help fostering and co-creating new experiences and opinions in studying and teaching methods.

Through our elective courses and a wide variety of multidisciplinary aspects and approaches (Social Sciences, Medical Sciences, Mathematics, Arts and Humanities) held in English, we allow our students to choose and meet their interests (whether as future PE teachers, professional athletes or other field of interest) within broader context of kinesiology, sports science and research.

Since the Faculty’s purpose is to be friendly yet academically demanding, we believe that establishing healthy and collaborative inter-institutional co-operation helps our students, teachers and staff members obtain competencies and skills needed in educational and research processes. In this way we try to be more recognizable within the European and global higher education context.

About the International Office

International Office implements all Division activities.

Division of International Cooperation is an organisational unit of the Faculty which coordinates tasks related to arrival and departure of students regarding the mobility, coordinates teaching and non-teaching staff and manages international projects.

Tasks of the Division for International Cooperation are:

Office is managed by head of the International Cooperation Office. A head is suggested by the dean and confirmed by the Faculty Council for a period of two years. Number of mandates is not limited.

Organisation and operational activities of the Office are regulated by a specific rulebook.

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