Faculty of Kinesiology University of Split was established on 4 July 2008 and it is the youngest constituent of the University of Split. The first dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology was Full Professor Nikola Rausaljević, PhD. The study of kinesiology has a long tradition itself. Institutional activity of the current faculty dates back to academic year 1954 when this study was a part of College of Education, Academy of Education, and later as a part of the University of Split, Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar – BOAL (Basic Organisation of the Associated Labour) Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences and Education, and also as a part of the University of Split Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences and Education. Endeavours of the staff from the Department of Kinesiology in the last decade, and particularly during adjustment of higher education institutions to the Bologna Process, along with the ever growing number of young scientists and with the support of professional and scientific community, resulted in establishment of the study of kinesiology as an individual constituent of the University of Split. Ever since its modest beginnings, with only three professors working full-time, the Faculty of Kinesiology has developed further and today has 35 teachers and 15 employees in other positions.

The Faculty offers studies for education of highly qualified professionals in the field of kinesiology, trained to manage the lesson of physical education on all levels of education (from the preschool level to the university one). In addition, students are educated for implementation of sport activities in selected groups on all levels of competitive sports of children, youth and adults, as well as for recreational activities for adults. They are also qualified for implementation of kinesitherapeutic procedures and programmes adjusted to people with special needs. For years the Faculty has realised a successful cooperation with the Faculties for sport in Europe and region, as well as international cooperation with Faculties and institutions in Croatia. Our scientists act as coordinators and cooperators in numerous scientific projects. The Faculty has also organised several scientific meetings and conferences, and it is also a co-publisher of scientific Journal for Pedagogical Theory and Practice.

An important aspect of the study is introducing students into scientific research by means of participating in research projects and scientific and professional meetings as well as writing scientific and professional papers. An emphasis is on encouragement of talented students who are being educated in the domain of data measurements and analysis, in the area of following contemporary extent of the world databases and the usage of contemporary technology in programming and control in the process of exercising. Such educated staff will be able to establish scientifically the process of exercising in all fields of applied kinesiology and to assess effects expected from the application of exercising, especially in the field of health, education, sport and economy. Mutual programme basis and elective contents lead to formation of professionals in programming in the field of applied kinesiology, differentiated according to gender and different conditions of psychosomatic states of children, youth and adults. Students are also trained for organising extracurricular activities on each level of education in their educational organisations as well as in numerous sport and recreational contents for participants of educational institutions in the city, county and state.

Students of this educational programmes are, besides the mentioned and through a set of elective course, enabled for performing specific programmes: a) programming, performing and controlling a training process of a top sport, or b) programming, performing and controlling recreational sport activities during the work process, in and outside the place of residence (trips and other touristic forms), or c) programming, performing and controlling special programmes of physical activity for people with special needs, or d) elective programmes also enable educating staff for specific needs of the Croatian Armed Forces, Croatian Navy and Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia.

In 2005 the university undergraduate and graduate studies based on 3+2 model were implemented in conformity with the Bologna Declaration. Students who finish the undergraduate study (180 ECTS credits) earn the title Bachelor of Kinesiology, and upon the completion of the graduate study (total 300 ECTS credits) they earn the title Master of Kinesiology.

In 2011 the Faculty started the Undergraduate Professional Study of Kinesiology and Specialist Graduate Study of Kinesiology. Each is performed in 4 directions: sports coach of a selected sport, Kinesitherapy, Physical conditioning of athletes and Recreation and fitness. The undergraduate and graduate studies are performed in the course of three years with total of 180 ECTS credits and the Specialist Graduate Study takes two years with the total of 120 ECTS credits.

Besides the undergraduate and graduate university and professional programmes the Faculty also implements the Postgraduate Doctoral Study which is successfully attended by the third generation of students. The first generation of students from the Postgraduate Doctoral Study of Kinesiology was enrolled in the 2007/2008 academic year .

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