University Postgraduate Doctoral Study of kinesiology is implemented in the area of social sciences, scientific field of Kinesiology. The study is implemented as a full -time and part time study in duration of 3 years (6 semesters).

During the first three semesters of the study students take lessons in compulsory and elective courses, while the other three semesters are scheduled for developing and defending project of doctoral dissertation, experimental procedure and technical development  and defence of doctoral dissertation.

During the study a student must acquire at least 180 ECTS credits. Applicants acquire ECTS credits during the study through passing compulsory and elective courses, scientific research work, results presentation of the scientific research work, publishing scientific papers, and development and defence of doctoral dissertation.

Each student of the Doctoral study has a tutor who follows his/her work and achievements, and helps him/her in questions related to the study.

Lessons at the Doctoral study of kinesiology are held in forms lectures, seminars, consultations, participation in scientific research, active participation in work of scientific meetings and development of doctoral dissertation. Possibility of individual guidance of scientific interests of each student is enabled through selection of elective courses.

All exams at the Doctoral study are taken in form of a seminar paper, publicly in front of the examination committee, which enables a complete transparency and objectivity of the examination as a procedure.

The doctoral study is finished upon development and defence of doctoral dissertation. Dissertation itself may be developed according to a classical model or according to the Nordic model which consists of a group of published papers followed by a critical review of the author.

Upon completion of the study and defence of dissertation students are awarded with the academic title of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the area of Social Sciences, the field of Kinesiology.


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