1. Third year students from the professional undergraduate study who should have accumulated a total of 180 ECTS credits this year and who should defend their final paper, are required to apply the topic and mentor of the final paper, according to the LIST OF TOPICS AND MENTORS (which shall be published on 26 February 2016), not later than 30 April 2016.

Application form can be taken over in the Student Administration Office or downloaded from the Faculty web site and it must be fully filled in and signed by both the student and mentor  (FORM 1).

  1. After choosing the topic and mentor, the student writes the paper in cooperation with the mentor and upon completing it and in agreement with the mentor the student requires establishment of the Committee for evaluation and defence of final paper by applying FORM 2 to the Student Administration Office and the paper on a CD/DVD.

The professional studies board determine the Committee for evaluation and defence of final paper which is due to evaluate the paper within a fifteen days period at most.

  1. After students have passed all enrolled courses and accumulated at least 170 ECTS credits (not prior to the end of the sixth semester and the end of the first part of summer examination period), with agreement from the Committee, they submit the application for final paper defence in the Student Administration Office and on FORM 3 to which they are required to enclose their Student Transcript Book with all grades registered.

After verification, the Professional studies board determines the date of defence.

After a successful defence students are required to deliver the following to the Student Administration Office:

Transfer students and final year students who have their topic already approved and have already chosen their final paper mentor, may proceed with the procedure of defence immediately, with the previous agreement from the mentor, and upon passing all courses and accumulating at least 170 ECTS credits, regardless of the summer semester ending.

Students not living in Split may proceed with carrying out the entire procedure the same way, but by e-mail



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