Scientific, teaching and professional work of the Department of Team Sports and Theory of Sport is regulated in Articles 14 – 18 of the Statute of the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split. Department activities are based on trans-disciplinary principles because Kinesiology is such scientific field dominated by an experimental approach in comprehensive research of principles and rules of human movement or physical activity and exercising. Furthermore, Department activities are oriented towards kinesiological characteristics of sport activities, basic and specific characteristics of athletes of different age and quality, problems of transformation process that is analysis of effects obtained from the application of adequate training procedures, specific for each sport branch, as well as of development of basic and specific motor abilities, motor knowledge and programme contents of certain sport branches. According to the structure of kinesiological activities, team sports are polystructural complex or complex activities. Team sports may be classified as invasion games, net and wall games, striking and fielding games and target games.

Department chairs are Chair of Team Sports and Chair of Theory of Sport and Kinesiological Transformations. Chair of Team Sports offers compulsory courses (Theory and Methods of Basketball, Handball, Football and Water polo), elective courses (Beach Volleyball, Mini Handball, Baseball, Rugby, Futsal) and elective modules (Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Football). Chair of Theory of Sport and Kinesiological transformation offers compulsory courses (Theory of Training, Fundamentals of Kinesiological Transformations 1 and Fundamentals of Kinesiological Transformations 2) and elective module Strength and Conditioning Training.

Colleagues from the Department are always open for any additional information, advice or cooperation.

Head of the Department of Kinesiology of Team Sports and Theory of Sport

Assistant Professor Ognjen Uljević, PhD

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