Seen from the aspect of practice and theory, Department of Kinesiological Education and Methodology (DKEM) was based on the necessity of observing, quantifying, modelling and interdisciplinary interpretation of complex kinesiological phenomena using tools of applied physics, mathematical models, applied statistics and pedagogy.

Department is organised in two chairs: Chair of General Methodology and Chair of Kinesiological Didactics.

Members of the Chair of Kinesiological Didactics are in charge of all didactic (Kinesiological Didactics 1 and Kinesiological Didactics 2) and related courses.

Members of the Chair of General Methodology are in charge of methodological courses (Quantitative Methods 1, Quantitative Methods 2, Systematic Kinesiology 1, Systematic Kinesiology 2, courses essential for understanding, modelling, kinesiological analysis and practical application of fundamental and complex movement structure (Biomechanics, Biomechanics in Kinesiology as well as courses on fundaments of motor learning (Motor Learning).

Colleagues from the Department are always open for any additional information, advice or cooperation.

Head of the Department of Kinesiological Education and Methodology

Associate Professor Mirjana Milić, PhD

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