Department of Anthropological Kinesiology and Health was founded and based on multidisciplinary principles that is it unifies kinesiological, medical and social/humanities professions and science. It emphasises a vital relation of all these scientific branches and their  involved direction and relation in everyday work and life towards a human being.

Not only it offers basic medical courses (Anatomy, Physiology…) and Anthropology as a multidisciplinary science (Chair of Biomedicine and Anthropology), it also offers a whole range of courses directed towards recreational health related physical activity. Recreation as such was intended to be an activity for keeping and improving physical and psychological health, and equally an entire range of recreational activities form an integral part of rehabilitation and therapeutic programmes of a whole number of acute and chronic diseases (cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, diseases of musculoskeletal and endocrine systems, metabolic and psychological diseases…). It leads us to kinesitherapy and kinesitherapeutic procedures which have become an integral part of multidisciplinary therapeutic approach of contemporary society (Chair of Kinesitherapy and Recreation).

And last but not least, there is a number of courses of humanistic/social orientation. Seemingly unimportant, but without their significant contribution the notion of any profession or science, as well as means of communication and transferring of knowledge to others would be useless (Chair of Social Sciences and Humanities).

Colleagues from the Department are always open for any additional information, advice or cooperation.

Head of the Department of Anthropological Kinesiology and Health

Assistant Professor Ana Penjak, PhD

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