Department of Individual Sports is “the youngest” department at the Faculty and it was established in the 2014/2015 academic year deriving from the Department of Kinesiology of Sports. As its name suggests it consists of chairs and courses based on individual sport disciplines.

Department chairs are Chair of Aesthetic Movement (head Assistant Professor Alen Miletić, PhD), Chair of Monostructural and Polystructural Activities (head Assistant Professor Frane Žuvela, PhD), Chair of Combat Sports (head Assistant Professor Hrvoje Karninčić, PhD).

Scientific and teaching work of the Department employees is directed towards an entire range of different kinesiological and multidisciplinary topics (such as problems of transformation processes that is analysis of effects which may be obtained from the application of adequate training procedures, development of basic and specific motor abilities and motor knowledge, establishment of success factors in individual sport activities, and so on).

Colleagues from the Department are always open for any additional information, advice or cooperation.

Head of the Department of Individual Sports

Associate Professor Frane Žuvela, PhD

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