Students can pay their tuition fees via Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit Card.

Following successful completion of admission procedure, an acceptance letter and advanced tuition invoice will be sent to the applicant and Admissions Department will send you all the information you need to make the tuition fee payments.


Payment by instalments

Students may opt to pay your tuition fees in two instalments.

The first instalment of 50% of your tuition fee is due on or before enrolment. The remainder must be paid by 1st of March (before scheduled start of the second semester).

The University must receive your first instalment in full before you can register.

Please note that there is a 50 Euro of administrative charge if you pay by instalments.


Tuition fees covered by a Sponsor

The full tuition fees are student responsibility regardless of any agreements students have with their Sponsors.  The University will make reasonable efforts to obtain payment from your sponsor but if payment is not received 30 days from the due date of the invoice then the fee liability will be transferred to student.

The University must receive a completed Student Sponsorship Agreement from the party sponsoring your study before you can register for the study programme.  We cannot accept private individuals, such as relatives, as formal sponsors.

All sponsors are required to pay their proportion of your fees within 30 days of the invoiced date in full in cleared amounts. There are no instalment options available for sponsors.

If the sponsor is not covering the full academic year’s fee then you will be liable to pay your element of the fee liability in line with the dates and number of instalments outlined in your original Request for Payment.