Start: 01-01-2017 - End: 31-12-2017

Project Reference: 579891-EPP-1-2016-1-HR-SPO-SSCP

EC Grant: 55.551,71 EUR
Programme: Erasmus+ 
Sub-programme: Sport 
Action: Collaborative Partnerships 

Project description


The Main Objective of our project – organizing together ”Traditional Games and Sports Fairs“ – 
in three European countries- Croatia (Split), Scotland (Glasgow), Italy (Naples) to increase 
and make accessible the participation of people of all ages and backgrounds in society, 
to take part in physical activities and recreation in our cities and local communities - 
in this way fostering a better cultural understanding also of each other's nations and 
open doors to future projects. The Faculty of Kinesiology, Croatia, together with the 
partners (stated above) is organizing a "Traditional Games and Sport Fairs" in these 
three nations as well as StreetMotions sports smartphone App targeted to increase people's 
participation in sporting activities and events.