Transfer Credit is credit for a University of Split course formally granted for equivalent academic work completed at another institution.

It may be possible for students to receive some college or university level credit for courses taken in their home country. So, if students already have university credits from another institution, they may be able to transfer some of the credits toward this undergraduate degree programme in Sports Coaching (designed for table tennis coaches and players).

In the future, in three years time, when all the courses within the programme should be open and active, these credits may allow students to begin their studies at a more advanced stage within the programme.

However, for now, applied students have to start the programme from its beginning and credit assessment review can take place only on a course-by-course basis in agreement and with approval of teacher/lecturer in charge of the course.

Students interested in requesting credit transfer should provide official transcripts and detailed course descriptions (in English) of any sports science and coaching related courses they have previously completed in their home country college or university. These transcripts should be sent with their application documentation to Admissions Department.

The following general rules apply to credit transfer at University of Split:



The Faculty of Kinesiology University of Split also recognizes that learning which some adults acquire from vocational training courses and other life and work experiences may be equivalent to college-level learning.

Through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), those learning experiences can be evaluated by faculty against the learning outcomes applied to a particular course. (e.g. for those applicants who have completed some or all courses within ITTF Coach Accreditation System (Levels 1-3), the ITTF certificate will result in revisions to the course work and/or course load required to obtain credit in the specific table tennis courses within this study programme).

For further information on credit transfer and recognition of prior learning policy please contact the Admissions Department.

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