The organisers (International Table Tennis Federation, European Table Tennis Union, Faculty of Kinesiology University of Split) and supporters/sponsors of the project are pleased to offer scholarships for the best candidates interested in studying a Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Sports Coaching (designed for table tennis coaches and players).

With this Scholarship Program organisers and their partners want to support their mission “to make quality studying accessible to a wider and global table tennis community, and enable both players and coaches within the community to develop professionally and actively study regardless of their professional duties in clubs, national teams or their current geographical location”.

About the Scholarship

The Scholarship Program focuses on both the table tennis coaches, who want to invest in their professional knowledge and at the same time acquire a university degree, and on the still active or former international level players who, following their graduation, plan to continue their career in the sport as coaches.

11 scholarships relating to tuition fees (2000 EUR) are available for academic year 2016/17, which starts in October 2016. [Please note airfare and hospitality for the practical component are not included in the scholarship]

ITTF is providing 3 scholarships, European Table Tennis Union, “Butterfly” and “Adham Sharara and Mariann Domonkos Foundation” are providing 2 scholarships each and “Tibhar” and University of Split 1 scholarship.

The scholarships will provide the successful candidates with full annual tuition fees for the first year of the course under the following terms:

The students who will not be awarded with a scholarship in the first year of study, but successfully enrol the second year, will have priority in being awarded with a scholarship for the second/third year.

Students are encouraged to seek for financial support within their National Association, National Olympic Committee, Ministry of Sport, sports clubs, city sports departments etc.

Moreover, Olympic Solidarity “Scholarships for Coaches” is very likely to be available for the final year of the bachelor course (as some kind of reward for the successful students). This will be confirmed by the end of 2016. Applications for Olympic Solidarity scholarships are made by your National Association to your National Olympic Committee and these scholarships cover all annual costs of the program, including tuition-application fee, enrolment fee, as well as airfare and hospitality for the practical component. Details will be provided by the end of 2016 and assuming available will be applied for in 2018 for the 2018/19 final year of the course.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Applicants from National Associations are eligible for the Scholarship program, under the condition they apply for Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Sports Coaching (designed for table tennis coaches and players) and meet the admission requirements.

Apart from the admission requirements for the program, a combination of needs and merits will be taken into account when allocating the scholarships.

A good table tennis résumé (coaching, playing or both) and an endorsement by their National Association will improve the candidates’ chances of receiving a scholarship.

Gender equality will be followed as much as possible.

Please note for ETTU scholarships only applicants that from ETTU member Associations are eligible.

Application Procedure and Deadline

Please fill out the scholarships application form and send it (if possible accompanied with your National Association’s endorsement – highly recommended) to the project manager Goran Munivrana (email ).

The scholarship application deadline is Monday 15th August 2016.

Following the application deadline the received applications will be forwarded to each of the program’s donors and each will establish their own rank list of suitable candidates. You will be informed about their scholarship decisions immediately thereafter, but must be aware that only following a successful completion of admission procedure for the program can a scholarship be officially granted to the selected applicant.

15th June 2016

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