SEECEL project

The South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (hereinafter: SEECEL)has started with its wok in January 2009 with the headquarters in the Republic of Croatia, with the aim to promote economies and finances as well as small and medium size business in eight South East European countries.

The unique SEECEL approach can be seen in cooperation of those eight countries with the aim of lifelong learning on entrepreneurship. Founding member countries are; Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. SEECEL´s vision aims to foster entrepreneurial-friendly environments and strengthen the mind-sets for building entrepreneurially literate societies that lead to sustainable economic growth and development. SEECEL goals, amongst other, are:

  • To further work on systematic approach to development of the entrepreneurially literate societies across the region and to support alignment of national policies with EU recommendations and policy essentials related to lifelong entrepreneurial learning.
  • To continue to enhance the contribution of third-level education (higher education) to the competitiveness drive by way of increased awareness and understanding among higher education establishments of entrepreneurial learning particularly in non-business disciplines.
  • To actively involve national teacher training authorities in development of lifelong entrepreneurial learning as a key competence and its introduction to the educational systems at national levels.

The project if funded from EU funds (pre-accession assistance) and Croatia also participates in financing from the funds of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts (from this year governments of other seven member countries also participate in financing).

The Faculty of Kinesiology (as recommended by the Agency for Science and Higher Education) is listed as only one out of two higher education institutions from entire Croatia in the second phase of their project where innovation and entrepreneurship is only one out of eight key competencies EU wishes ti build into inter-subject programmes at all levels of education (with emphases on non-business studies).

One of tasks of the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split was including and implementing the learning outcomes related to entrepreneurship in the educational programmes. Besides lectures held to students, it has also been planned to organise round tables on the topic of ent5repreneurship in kinesiology and sport with participation of successful entrepreneurs and managers from both private and government sector, entrepreneurial workshops fro students, as well as prize contests for best student business plans and projects.

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