Erasmus Mundus is a cooperation and mobility EU programme in the field of higher education that aims to enhance the quality of higher education and to promote dialogue through mobility and academic collaboration.

Erasmus Mundus Programme 2009-2013 is implemented through three following activities:

  • Activity 1 (Action 1) – joint graduate and postgraduate studies and awarding scholarships to candidates interested to study at the such higher education institutions.
  • Activity 2 (Action 2) – partnerships between higher education EU institutions which implement the Erasmus Mundus study (chosen through the Activity) and higher education institutions from third countries (all other countries).
  • Activity 3 (Action 3) – promotional activities of higher education such as internationalization of higher education institutions or mutual acknowledgement of qualifications between higher education EU institutions and higher education institutions from third countries.

For more information on Erasmus Mundus Programme please visit Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency and Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes.


  1. Target group 1 – TG1: students and members of teaching/non-teaching staff from higher education  institutions that are members of the consortium
  2. Target group 2 – TG2: students and members of teaching/non-teaching staff from higher education  institutions that are not members of the consortium, residents of LOT or EU countries, or who were awarded with a diploma by those higher education institutions
  3. Target group 3 – TG3: third countries residents who are in “a particularly vulnerable state” due to social and political reasons


The University of Split as a partner in three consortia within Activity 2 (incoming and outgoing exchange):

LOT 2: TECH-WB – GreenTech: Smart and Green Technologies for Innovative and Sustainable Societies in Western Balkans

LOT 2: SUNBEAM – Structured university mobility between the Balkans and Europe for the Adriatic-Ionian Macroregion

LOT 10: AESOP+ – A European and South African Partnership on Heritage and Past


Exchange candidates apply to a call, issued by a coordinator of each consortium. Depending on the project, calls can be issued in December 2014 or January 2015, whilst they will end by the middle or by the end of February 2015. (IT IS MANDATORY TO FOLLOW NOTIFICATIONS ON INTERNET SITES OF THE PROJECTS!)

Candidates interested in applying for exchange which should start in the winter semester of 2015 (the same can not be applied to the category of post-doc or teaching and non-teaching staff who should arrange their staying directly with host universities while the project is still in course).

For more information on the procedure of applying to a call and on the procedure of selecting candidates, please visit official internet sites of each project.

The Faculty of Kinesiology in Split has actively participated in the SUNBEAM project since 2014.